<aside> 👋🏽 It's essential to show up in allyship with the Black community not only right now, but consistently. Recognizing that allyship is a verb, and not a noun- I've created this resource guide to help myself (and others) continuously learn, support BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) owned businesses, have uncomfortable conversations and act in allyship. As a Brown+ Bengali + immigrant woman of color, creating this resource list, learning, elevating Black voices & creating space for this dialogue in my home, communities, and circles is where I'm starting.

I (Ariba Jahan) curate this living guide, contact me on Instagram , Slack, or Twitter to add anything missing.

Are you offering your services/skills/time/programs to the BIPOC community? Let me know so I can add it here. If you're Black, Indigenous or a Person of Color, scroll down and please take advantage of the mental health and healing resources out there. 🖤

Feel free to use & share this guide using this link: aribajahan.com/antiracism-resources

Huge thank you to every single creator who put their skills and emotional labor into creating the resources I've linked here. I'm slowly adding all their names, so do reach out to them and thank them too!

Now, let's do the work!


👉🏽 Start here

If you're trying to figure out where to begin, let's start here.

Immediate steps you can take:

  1. Sign a petition: Breonna Taylor & Justice for Tony McDade
  2. Email Louisville officials to get justice for Breonna, using this quick link. Read the beautiful eulogy written by a family friend to honor Breonna's greatness.
  3. Read these:
  4. Vote: First time voter checklist + What to know about voting by mail + Election dates
  5. Grab a copy of this book: How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi or So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo
  6. Complete the Census 2020.

If you’re publicly protesting (this is not an accessible or feasible option for all, and that's ok!), take precautions to protect your health and the health of other protestors + Know your rights as a protestor + protest safely.

Create a tangible longterm plan:

Breaking the systems of oppression probably won’t happen in one sitting — they’ll need long term dedication. Let’s make that easier by breaking it down into small ongoing commitments:

"I commit to spending ______ hours every day/week to educate myself."

"I commit to donating ______ dollars to ______ number of organizations."

"I commit to having an uncomfortable conversation with _______."

" Every ________, I commit to auditing the language I use, content I consume & businesses I support.'

"I commit to supporting _______ BIPOC businesses this month."

<aside> 📓 Explore the rest of this guide to create your own longterm plan in learning and practicing anti-racism.
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